Fatema Khalil
Lead UX Designer

“Don’t stop at design, elevate user experience with insight and expertise.”

Fatema is a UX professional, and has worked on multiple projects across various sectors, ranging from banking to fin-tech to eCommerce. Her background in psychology and experience conducting a number of user research and usability tests has helped her truly understand people, and ultimately, users. Her perspective and solutions to problems strongly complement those of the designers, resulting in well-rounded outputs. Madness is genius, they say, and Fatema’s computer screen is proof, with over 20 tabs open across 5 windows at any given time! Fatema is passionate about baking and making coffee in office, whipping up creamy, hand-beaten coffee on the daily (move over, Dalgona). She enjoys in-depth discussions about life, politics, food, and how Powerpoint is a design tool.