Murtaza Khalil
Senior UX Designer

“The phrase ‘That’s just how things are’ is an invitation for innovation.”

With a background in business management and finance, Murtaza has harnessed his passion for technology and minimalism to smoothly transition into a UX designer. His education gives him an edge: creating designs that are symbiosis of business and user needs, efficiently navigating projects by minimizing hiccups and maximising quality. He has worked on projects across healthcare, banking, fintech and e-commerce. Murtaza designs for the future and enjoys the present. Outside of work, he is an avid reader, comic buff, art enthusiast, photographer, gamer and a not-too-experimental foodie. A night-owl who doesn’t drink too much coffee, Murtaza’s curiosity and difference in perspective gets him to question everything, making conversations with him long and insightful, with a generous helping of humour.