Sanchit Kedia
Lead UX Designer

“Good designers are like doctors; they understand the root cause before prescribing the meds.”

Sanchit holds a Masters in Design Innovation from Goldsmith’s, University of London, an experience that has helped him discover himself as a creator. He has worked with various agencies and start-ups, and has handled projects across industries such as transportation, FMCG, education, hospitality, banking and lifestyle. Sanchit creates innovative solutions and meaningful experiences by an in-depth understanding of the people, business and technology involved. He believes that a design is truly ‘good’ when there are no frills attached. When in need of inspiration, a good ‘walk-and-talk’ gets his creative juices flowing. At ZEUX, besides work, he enjoys playing CounterStrike, football and listening to live music. He also loves coffee, traveling, sampling different cuisines and his evening badminton sessions.