Sumanth AVN
Lead UX Designer

“Good UX is like riding a motorcycle; there is balance and thrill.”

With a degree in engineering, Sumanth is a self-taught designer who is passionate about creating delightful experiences for users. Having learnt Photoshop at the age of 14, he believes in constant evolution, making sure he is on-board with the latest in design and tech. He has worked on projects across various domains – automotive, banking, EdTech, finance, gaming and media. Always super-charged at work, he’s an expert at creating interactive prototypes and micro-animations. Sumanth is a football fanatic, happiest when asked to book the turf for a match. He is also a complete motorhead – he aspires to ride as many motorcycles as he can. Ironically, he’s confessed to being pretty bad with directions, often getting lost on along the way.