Our clients absolutely love us

Issac John
Discovery India | Business Head

As a product, our team was very conscious of solving barriers for user adoption in a cluttered OTT market like India. The various researches and design workshops that ZEUX led for us, placed user motivations at the heart for solving these barriers. The iterative work, completed over several months, has paid rich dividends for us as expressed by the umpteen user reviews that have highlighted the rich yet simple to navigate UI & UX of Discovery Plus.

Karan Bajaj
Founder & CEO – WhiteHat Jr. | Ex-CEO – Discovery India | Bestselling Novelist

“We had an exceptional experience with ZEUX Innovation for the complete UI/UX design of our v2 interface. Extremely competent, fast and consumer-obsessed team. We worked with them after evaluating tons of other partners and recommend them very highly”

Montoo Bassi
Trustee | Art of Living

“Thanks to ZEUX Innovation’s work, there was an increase in business by almost 90%. Their domain expertise and willingness to go all out and leave no stone unturned. All in all, commitment to excellence.”

Mitalee Pradhan
Manager – Ecommerce | HDFC Life

“We have worked with ZEUX on three projects and have plans to work on many more. They worked collaboratively as an extended arm of our company and helped us achieve some of our key business metrics. Excellent communication and steadfast collaboration were hallmarks of the project.”

Madhavan Ganesan
President | Reliance Retail

“Congratulations Hemal and Saurabh. This is just a simple recognition of the outstanding work ZEUX does under your leadership. The last year has been an amazing experience working with you. Cheers for many more milestones ahead. 👍👍👏👏”

Prerana Katreja
Deputy General Manager | Godrej Properties

“ZEUX proved their mettle during the first meeting itself. They not only managed to meet the expectation of the end users but also the key stakeholders by establishing trust and thought leadership.”

Nitish Khattar
DVP-Digital Product Management | AU Small Finance Bank

“We evaluated them on the basis of their domain expertise, the pedigree, the quality of the resources, and lastly their confidence in upgrading the avatar of the bank’s digital properties. Despite of a strict deadline and budget control environment, they didn’t compromise with the UX design process and the quality of the output.”

Avnish Goyal
Director | The Dollar Business

“We help our customers conquer foreign trade by leveraging technology. However, our product was highly complex and non-intuitive for our users. We interacted with a couple of top-notch UX companies but neither of them understood us nor our product except ZEUX. They simply demystified the problem statement and enhanced the UX of our SaaS based platform.”

Prasoon Shrivastava
Founder & CEO | Zepth Technologies

“ZEUX Innovation was successful in making the platform’s UX seamless. They’ve sound understanding of UX science and how to design for B2B complex applications. Fantastic team to work with. They delivered world class quality in a committed timeframe. My sales and pre-sales team are very happy with the overall output.”

Yannick Colaco
Co-Founder | FanCode

“We engaged with ZEUX Innovation at an early stage to help shape and define a world-class user experience to the avid sports fans in India. ZEUX Innovation is way ahead of the game when it comes to creating strong differentiators, defining the strategy and the product roadmap. What impressed me the most is how they connect the dots between business goals, user research, and UX design. FanCode has successfully completed one year with over 15 million app installs without considerable marketing spends. This speaks volumes about how our customers are enjoying the experience on our app and referring us to their friends.

I strongly recommend ZEUX Innovation if you need help with long term, complex, and strategic initiatives to create a world-class experience for your customers.”

Saloni Kapoor
AVP – Innovation & New Product Dev | Axis Bank

“It was great working with the ZEUX Innovation team and their thought leaders. The UX designers collaborated very well. Also, this project needed innovative and break-through ideas, something that was never done before in the industry. Hence, ZEUX was our go to place. They not only helped us create what we were looking for but also provided a lot more by handholding and directing us with their sound consulting advise which is much needed in creating anything new.”

Bidyut Nath
Head | TATA Shop Share and Smile

“ZEUX Innovation displayed a strong commitment to find the right solution and were always patient with us. They established a smooth workflow to ensure effective collaboration between teams. The team is dedicated and practical. And, the new design they made led to a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in page views and awareness.”

Prithvi Chandrasekhar
Incred | President, Risk and Analytics

“InCred has worked with ZEUX since when we started planning our first B2C product. We knew that an outstanding UX, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics, was essential. We knew we needed a design partner who understood the customer, our products and our technology in a deep way. We wanted a partner who would work with us long-term, enhancing our relationship with every design-module. We went through an extensive search, and zeroed in on ZEUX, because they have a strong point of view, they believed in their design, and they were able to push our thinking.

 We have now worked with them for almost two years and have been super-happy with the relationship. To us, the quality of work ZEUX has delivered, proves that UX is a specialised and highly skilled discipline, that is crucial to any world-class tech-enabled business. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ZEUX through the next phases of our growth.”

Arti Handoo
Associate VP | Axis Bank

“It has been a pleasure working with ZEUX team over the last couple of years. What differentiates ZEUX from other UX companies is their approach, thought leadership and the outcome they deliver. Many a times you find that there is a huge difference in the promise during the sales pitch and what actually is delivered. But that is not the case with ZEUX. The delivery teams ensure that they can successfully deliver and exceed expectations project after project.”

KY Bharath
AVP Marketing | Yes Bank Ltd

“We are impressed by their understanding of the domain, UX science and deep knowledge and ability to question obvious things. ZEUX does what it takes to deliver complex and large-scale projects successfully. In large scale UX projects, it is imperative that the design partner contributes in a way that ensures effective implementation. ZEUX went beyond just delivering UX designs and often solved some tech problems that our technology partner was facing. They are a perfect partner when it comes to bridging the gap between design and development. “

Moe Izadpanah
Paktolus Group

“ZEUX is best when it comes to the quality of the work, flexibility and understanding of the big picture. They managed to simplify very complex and outdated flows for an app for a government body. Our end clients are super happy with the work that ZEUX completed. We are now looking to engage with them for additional projects.”